Minecraft : Survival – Noodle Topia Walls – #217

➡ Ep. 218: http://youtu.be/uRcyri_dMro
➡ Minecraft Survival Playlist: http://bit.ly/NoodlePlanet

Part 217 of my Minecraft Survival Let’s Play on the Noodle Planet. In this episode, we work on the path leading to and walls around Think’s Noodle Topia!

➡ About Noodle Planet Minecraft Survival
Noodle Planet Minecraft Survival is a vanilla (no Minecraft mods) Minecraft Let’s Play and my first-ever Minecraft video series. It is a single-player series, with rare episodes in Survival Multiplayer (SMP) when my wife or other noodlers visit the Noodle Planet on special occasions.

➡ Social Media
Twitter: http://twitter.com/think_noodles
Instagram: http://instagr.am/thinknoodles
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Thinknoodles

Seed (Minecraft pre-1.7 terrain generation): 1932990914085733975

➡ Noodle Planet Minecraft Map Download (Ep. 200) [Minecraft 1.8 world, inventory will be empty in earlier versions]

For Minecraft PC/Windows: Click “Run” and then paste “%appdata%.minecraftsaves” — Unzip the file (or drag the folder) into that folder.

For Minecraft Mac: In Finder, click “Go” / “Go to Folder…” then paste “~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves” — Unzip the file (or drag the folder) into the folder.

➡ Merchandise

➡ Music
“Enchanted Valley” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Outro – “Sugar High” by Approaching Nirvana
Illusions: http://bit.ly/VqpmFB

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