♪ “Yandere In The Title” – Minecraft Song & Animation

Minecraft Song – ♪ Yandere In The Title
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I will try to keep this as short as possible! Let me tell you about the things that inspired this video.

I have been part of this wonderful Minecraft YT community for 3 years. I have seen many amazing videos from fellow MC YouTubers, met some fantastic creators, and am lucky to call some of my biggest inspirations friends. However, times change, and throughout 2015, this whole YouTube game started to get a little bit too tactical for my liking. I wanted to speak up about it.

Fellow creators having been using certain tactics when creating and uploading content which in my humble opinion is wrong. Of course it is extremely difficult to gain exposure from YouTube these days, but there is a right and a wrong way to boost your channel and become popular. The goal of this video is not to call anyone out, but to inform and educate YOU the viewer, of these tactics, so you can make the call on if you agree with me or not. I want to stand up for the overall community who do not engage in these practices, and who try to run their channels fairly.

1. Using popular channel names in video titles, tags, and images of them in thumbnails.

It acts as a way to trick the YT search engines into possibly featuring that video. It is also a way to trick fans of the biggest channels to into clicking, thinking they are going to see a video with their favorite youtubers in.

The reality is… they aren’t in it, and the person responsible for uploading these video’s gains views, subs, and most importantly, money. In some cases, a LOT of money. It is also a good way to abuse the ‘keyword’ and ‘meta data’ system YouTube has in place. In this song I mention DanTDM and Stampy. Two wonderful and highly popular YouTubers. If i filled my video titles with their names, those videos would gain a lot of views simply because ‘DanTDM’ and ‘Stampy’ are highly searched for words on YouTube, I’d make a lot of money, and I’d gain subs. But it’s a moral issue for me, and I don’t think its fair game. If for example Dan or Stampy are not in the video themselves, or associated with that video, then I feel their names/branding/appeal should not be used for personal gain.

2. The second thing I want to talk about is the misuse of ‘sexual’ imagery and content in videos. You could call it ‘Boobs In The Thumbnail’ if you want. Minecraft is a game which attracts a younger viewership, and as a Minecraft youtuber myself, I want to set a good example for my viewers. Exploiting clickbait topics which have a sexual nature, and then relating it to a game like Minecraft is wrong. But once again, its easy money for some.

3. Let’s talk roleplay. Super popular concept on YouTube. I’ve tried it myself with an original modded Roleplay series. It was fun for a bit, but thats kind of where I left it. Just because another youtuber goes viral with a ‘Yandere’ let’s play, doesn’t mean everyone needs to jump on the bandwagon and title every single upload YANDERE BLA BLA BLA!. Again its just an attempt to gain views of someone elses success. I also mention FNAF, Minecraft School and Lucky Blocks, again popular search words. I’ve made videos on these myself, but the question is… How many videos do you need to upload before its purely for money and no longer for entertainment? Some might call this ‘smart’ youtubing. But for me, it just feels a little dishonest.

Anyway, there you go. Some might agree with me, some won’t. But as a viewer, you deserve the right to know why maybe some of your favorite youtubers do what they do!
It won’t ever stop. But at least I have tried to share my thoughts with you.

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